Photo: Erin-Michelle Luttrell, owner and executive chef, Eclairs de la Lune KC, LLC.

About Us

Erin’s love of baking is rooted in romantic stories of her great-grandparents’ rural bakery in Holden, Mo., during the 1920s and ’30s, the Depression Era in middle America. If you stop into the store, you’ll see images of Barnett’s Bakery hanging proudly near the door. Her interest was piqued by family members who raised, grew and preserved food, and was further cultivated through international travel, faith, education and cuisine. It was during these years that she developed her personal philosophy that the most affectionate thing you can do for another, is feed them. 

Working in the labor industry for over 14 years as a financial marketing strategist and adult financial educator, while caring for a large, hungry family, Erin has finally taken her affection for feeding people’s minds and stomachs, to Eclairs de la Lune boutique bakery and custom cakery, in July 2021. She has added a talented and hardworking staff to meet demand and expectation. 

At Eclairs de la Lune, you’ll find a variety of sweet and savory choux pastries, cookies, bars, pies and tarts, cakes whole and by the slice, gourmet cupcakes, quiche, cinnamon rolls and breads. It is also the exclusive retailer of morfd space foodget more from your food through freeze-drying. Eclairs specializes in dessert bars and custom cakes, but doesn’t stop there. Reach out for more information by calling (816) 313-5766, or email